• What is Whole Life Insurance?

    pic 2“Protect Your Loved Ones and Their Future.”

     “Permanent peace of mind, guaranteed protection.”

    A type of permanent life insurance, whole life insurance coverage provides life-long protection. A whole life policy runs for one extensive term: your life.

    “Fixed premiums for Life.”

    The amount you pay into a whole life policy never increases, a convenient and stable feature that puts your mind at ease. Every payment you make throughout your life will be the same. The earlier you start, the lower your premiums will be. And because changing market conditions will have no impact on your premiums, you can ensure from the onset your plan will be manageable and effective.

    “Guaranteed death benefit.”

    A policy designed to protect you over a long period of time, whole life insurance promises payout upon the insured’s passing. Plus, naming a beneficiary ensures the death benefit is transferred tax-free. It’s a plan insuring a definite event, so funds are assured to be there for your loved ones.

    “Building value over time.”

    During the early years of a whole life policy, a portion of your premium is set aside in a reserve within the permanent policy. Over the years as this reserve grows, you can start using this money to help pay for the cost of the insurance. Known as cash value, this feature allows you to do more with your insurance policy. If you’re in need of cash, you can draw on funds against the policy reserve. Additionally, you can consider using the cash to purchase annuities as a source of retirement income.

    “Advice for real life.”

    We are here to help you make informed choices, by offering you honest and straightforward financial advice based completely on your needs. We call it advice for real life, and it starts with your life.


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