• What is Universal Life Insurance?

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    “Permanent Protection in a Flexible Plan.”

    Universal life insurance brings together two superior features:  permanent coverage and the flexibility to change your plan as needed.  As a permanent plan, its coverage runs for the duration of your life.

    However, you have the flexibility to adjust the death benefit and premium payments to fit your changing needs.  Additionally, universal life plans include an investment component which accumulates cash value for you, putting you in control of your future.

    Upon death, universal life insurance transfers your funds directly to your beneficiary, tax-free.  It ensures that the legacy you leave behind is there when your loved ones need it most.

    Premiums paid into universal life policies are divided by the insurance company into two accounts: insurance and investment.  Money set aside in the investment portion grows on a tax-deferred basis.  You can shift money between the two components to make the best use of your plan and funds.

    With universal life, not only can you choose the amount of protection that best suits you, but also the amount and frequency of your payments.  Subject to your personal plan, enjoy the flexibility to increase or decrease coverage as your needs change.

    If you’re short on funds, let the policy’s accumulated cash value pay part of the premium, without compromising your family’s security.  Universal life can be what you need, when you need it most.

     “Protect your business legacy and loved ones.”

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