• What is an Annuity?

    ” Peace of mind – so you can get back to enjoying life.”

    An annuity is a fixed amount of income received for a definite period of time.   Once an annuity contract is issued, the payments will not change in amount or frequency.   No matter the economic or market conditions, your payment is guaranteed to remain the same.   Annuities are most often used as a source of income during retirement.   There are two general types of annuities:  term certain and life annuities.

    With a term certain annuity, you will receive a specific number of payments (usually monthly) for a specific amount of time.   Once the contract is up, the payment will cease, the annuity will end, and your balance will be zero.   Term certain annuities make higher payments than GICs because they pay your principal plus your interest over the term in level amounts.

    There are two general types of life annuity: single and joint.   If you have a single life annuity, you will receive a monthly payment for as long as you are alive.   If you have a joint life annuity, a payment will be made as long as one of the two participants is alive.pic 35Outliving their income is a major financial concern for seniors today.   Annuities will help guarantee this will never happen.   Throughout the rest of your life, you will enjoy the financial security of a guaranteed income you cannot outlive.


    Questions about Annuities?

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