• How Can We Help?

    • Investment and retirement planning to ensure you have enough money in retirement.
    • Strategies for saving for future large purchases, such as  a house, car, cottage, wedding.
    • Save you time so you can concentrate on other important investment decisions in your life.
    • Mitigate risk, even in the face of unfavorable outcomes.
    • Reduce your debts and save for your future.
    • Prepare funds for emergency planning.
    • Stay disciplined with your plan.
    • Invest your money in a tax-efficient way to help minimize taxes.
    • Understand current market events and explain how they may impact your investments.
    • Set up a tax advantage plan that ensure your kids have enough saved for their post-secondary education.
    • Plan for tax efficient RRIF withdrawals.
    • Consolidate your investments with your spouse in an effective tax-advantaged manner.
    • Monitor your portfolio and rebalance as necessary based on your risk tolerance.
    • Plan ways to start a small business or even sell it.
    • Position your portfolio when the market goes higher or lower.
    • Adjust to life events that change your financial circumstances and change your financial plan.
    • Plan and maintain a budget while considering all the implications.
    • Provide you with a referral to another expert, like a tax planner or an accountant.
    • Plan for early retirement.
    • Estate planning and even administration after the passing of a loved one.
    • Protect when you are away on holidays and out of the country.
    • Group benefit plans for your business and employees.
    • Mortgage and loan referrals and much more…

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    *Mutual funds are distributed through Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc.  For insurance  products,  Desjardins Financial Security Investments Inc. acts as a national life insurance brokerage agency.